Focus how to build an international business center in Xiamen

with the rapid development of economy, we are faced with both opportunities, but also facing challenges, how to make their own connection with times, if he will stand in the world enterprises in the tide of development, become a business enterprise should consider the problem. Look at the Kuanyinshan international business center, the headquarters of enterprises a hidden air plant gathered here. A strong brand and a close connection between the Siming District, the layout of the world from here. Into one filled with a sense of historical vicissitudes of the old district, they are ushered in a new opportunity.

drove to Huandao Road, along the scenery is still charming, not only to enjoy the beautiful sea view, but also with the newly built Street Park to a chance encounter".

, the twelfth party congress victory of the closing, will be a new starting point for the Siming district. Even the day, reporters walking in the Siming District on this piece of land, with millions of Siming people is a hitherto unknown full of enthusiasm and seizing the spirit of hard work to implement the spirit of the twelfth party congress.

tailored for small and micro enterprises

is located in Qianpu road Siming school recently a little busy: a new Siming District administrative service center is under construction, is expected to soon be open. In the center of which two floors, Fujian’s first professional service platform.

is a large supermarket, the professional service platform is the Siming District specifically for small and micro enterprises, entrepreneurs tailored to the needs of the enterprise can find appropriate professional service enterprises in the shortest period of time.

small and micro enterprises in the development process, in the market to find well-known professional service agencies, the higher the cost. Professional services and professional strong, the general business can not identify the level of their professional services, often lead to " goods not board " embarrassment." Siming District Production Promotion Center Director Lin Huie said, the benchmark Shenzhen Futian District country’s first "point line world" professional services trading center, professional service platform for the "one-stop" came into being.

so, this platform can provide professional services for small and micro enterprises? Legal, accounting, auditing, taxation, asset evaluation, management consulting, human resources, brand building, intellectual property, research and design, information technology, science and technology intermediary services, e-commerce support — as long as it is needed in the process of enterprise development and professional services, professional services platform will Siming District by category into full range to solve all kinds of professional and technical issues raised by the enterprise.

Deputy general manager of

Beijing foreign enterprise human resources service Co. Ltd. Fujian Zhang Chen said: "in the genuineness of the service enterprise of Siming District station. For small and micro enterprises, the recommended

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