Find the problem can make people find a good idea

entrepreneurial ideas are good, will directly determine the future of the normal business, so having a really good idea is a very important thing. But the key is that investors are so much, everyone is looking for a good idea of entrepreneurship, then investors, how to find a good idea?

why should pay attention to their own side of the problem? Because of their side of the problem exists, these problems must focus on stronger than their own behind closed doors. This is obviously the product, users need to solve practical problems rather than imaginary problems not to the point.

1995 years, I set up a company to provide online gallery services. But the gallery bosses obviously don’t want to put their own paintings on the internet. This is not the art industry can accept the business model. It took me six months to get to the point where it seemed stupid and stupid. It was not until I was completely rejected by a customer that I realized how unrealistic the idea was. Even after a stroke, a depressed also has dominated their own, let oneself foolishly believe efforts will not be wasted.

in the investment community, we put the startup idea called "made-up" (fake) or "sitcom" (sitcom). It’s like a TV show to tell the story of a startup, and writers have to invent some ideas to get started. But a really good idea can be met. It’s not that the writers think about it (unless they’re really lucky), and most of the time they might think of something that sounds pretty good, but it’s actually bad enough that nobody cares.

for a typical example, the development of a social network for pet lovers. The idea sounds reasonable. After all, thousands of people are keeping pets, and most of the owners are very concerned about their pets and willing to spend money for their pets. Naturally, some of these people may want to have a website that can communicate with each other. Not all, but at least 2% to 3% of people visit regularly. In this way, there are millions of fixed users of this site. Web sites can be sent to them targeted advertising or provide charging services.

for this idea sounds reasonable. No one will say, "I’m not going to use this thing, when entrepreneurs ask for ideas from friends who have pets."." On the contrary, they all show a deep interest. When the site is on the line

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