Do business must have the of careless character

"madaiha" in our traditional thinking, may think that this is not a good name, however, if it is to do business, really need to have a careless spirit. As everyone knows, careless, careless, careless refers to no laughing matter, hasty act of the people. In real life, "careless" type of character very much, they are cheerful, generous, not to stick at trifles. I think that doing business should be like a "careless", there are many reasons for this, the author cite one or two:

If you have

customers to shop to buy bottled shampoo, shampoo will not be broken, you should do?


may have said, let the customer buy the compensation or broken bottles of shampoo, who told him so careless? You want to, ah, if the owner of sarcasm, ruthless training a customer, so that customers are physically and mentally hurt, then they do not want to come here to shop. At the same time, it will also affect the behavior of people who know.

so, I think, the correct approach should be: do a "careless", can not blame the customer, customers should be selected again, don’t care. The customer will be moved, not only will become your loyal customers, but also may become a "live advertising"". All in all, as long as a good customer, may be able to add more new customers; on the contrary, the loss of an old customer, you may lose a lot of new customers.

if the customer in the purchase of fruit or some other weighing goods, you ding ding, Mao is too rigid, and customer care, you imagine, the God of wealth will not pass you?

if the owner after weighing, and then add one or add a little, then the customer is a what kind of idea? As can be imagined, these customers may be because your sense of justice and generosity and love of the seller. So, I think, to do business, it should be like a "careless", in the premise of a profit as much as possible, generous and forthright, with customers such over, make customers feel more cordial, more easy to accept, they will win a good reputation and praise, to "passbook pulse accumulation".

although it is a very common thing to do business now, however, it is precisely because of this "normal" will allow the industry to become unusually fierce competition. In short, the shops everywhere now, and the types of goods are comparable, customers who buy, who do not buy, customers can goods than three, but also to see the service. If you are of goods, good service, excellent quality, low price, plus you this careless character, then you think ah, the business can not good?

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