3000 yuan in rural areas can make money entrepreneurial projects

in the rural areas of entrepreneurship is often some of the farmers are, at the same time for many farmers entrepreneurs who, in the early course of entrepreneurship, venture capital is not so much in the city, with 3000 yuan as an example, let’s take a look at 3000 in rural areas can do what.

1. is best when you do not have a thing to go outside to take a look at what people are selling, and then combine their own interests and market characteristics, select some goods.

In fact,

2. summer stall selling barbecue, temporary Art Tattoos, summer clothes, accessories, fans, sun umbrellas, sugar, cold drinks, watermelon.

3. is selling what will people buy, the most worried about is the inspectors to copy things, so you lose everything, too horrible, you first understand that urban management is how to do, and then decide, if the inspectors catch would sell some products, such as DVD, mobile phone accessories, coat small, bag and so on. The best to the wholesale market to see that the most appropriate that you sell. But I suggest you to small goods based, urban management to run fast. (no urban management, depending on how much money, depending on the terrain to determine the crowd).

4. if the north side, because the time when more cold, usually late is less people go out, suggest that you can go to the school gate or selling roasted sweet potatoes are Tomatoes on sticks, the cost will not exceed 300 yuan.

5. stall must pay attention to the purchase price, in the same wholesale market, the same goods, but the price is not the same, so when you have to purchase more stores, ask the price to buy. Pay more attention to some wholesale market. Too formal wholesale market rent expensive, so things are more expensive. The price is very important.


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