Five factors leading to entrepreneurial failure

almost every day, China has a large number of entrepreneurs into the entrepreneurial path, which is not a small number of reasons for the failure of entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship failure is not terrible, terrible is unable to face up to the failure of the business, and find out the reasons behind it.

1. control the environment

(the entrepreneurial environment of countries with the worst)

What are the reasons for the failure of

? Entrepreneurs are not born with intelligence, but in the environment of cooperation and training. So you can use the following tips to save time.

coffee to write a list of tasks, the list of things to complete, reasonable to judge their own ability, do not eat breakfast on the computer.

2. find the "

" that really excites youWhat are the reasons for the failure of

? Find out what you are really interested in. What do you want to change your life or the lives of others? What kind of impact? Entrepreneur Mark Cuban in 12? "Business rules" in the book said: "if a thing is not what you love, fascinates you, then don’t start."

(how to make money)

3. find things like to start

What are the reasons for the failure of

? Write your ideas out of your apartment and communicate with others. Don’t be afraid to steal your ideas. You really do the best you can. Don’t dwell on how to find an investor.

4. say "no" to other ideas, one thing to the extreme

In the process of

concentrate, saying no to distract the idea". If you insist on doing so, you will reap a word: word of mouth.

5. don’t care too much about other people’s ideas

The reason

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