European Yadi how green travel

today, the new green travel choice, to choose Ou Yadi? For small business franchisee, choosing to join European Yadi? An open their own European Yadi stores, the shop is made! Business is pretty good!

after several years of development investment, the European headquarters of Yadi has a number of high-quality technical personnel and advanced production equipment, and the introduction of foreign advanced production line of electric vehicles, strict implementation of ISO9001:2000 quality management system requirements! Ou Yadi rely on the enterprise internal management and strict quality control system and a range of customer service service. The European Yadi has high visibility and reputation!

European Yadi companies leading products for the electric bicycle and the electric tricycle, electric bicycle motorcycle, simple car, lithium car, luxury cars and electric motor five series; electric tricycle has recreational vehicles, folding bicycles, trucks and special vehicles four series, a total of more than 100 kinds of specifications, more than 200 colors varieties.

European Yadi electric vehicles, a new electric car more. In the past, our bikes were huge and getting smaller and smaller because we needed more suitable, more flexible bicycles. Now, the bicycle into electric cars, our energy consumption more small, because we are in the pursuit of a more convenient means of transport to facilitate our travel, and now the electric car has gradually become more and more small, and can be folded, because the space is becoming more and more expensive, we need to change it.

in the market, the number of electric car brands. However, the strength of the brand to join the project selection, has been very business opportunities, has the strength of choice is not it? How about European Yadi? The best choice for small business. To join European Yadi? What are you hesitating about?

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