Hunan Mayang orange farmers harvest festival sales

with the continuous progress of the times, the modern farmers to change the past ideas, not only to grow crops, but also to grow some valuable things! "Jin Jin, Jin and other varieties of high-quality varieties, this year’s sugar orange in the tree before being sold out!" The arrival of the Spring Festival, in the village of Hunan Mayang yellow Shuangchong rock door town, farmers Tan Xiangpin stood in their candy orange base were removed before looking at the fruit of Bingtang orange tree, of confidence for the coming year sales booming, "as long as there is quality, not to worry about sales and prices."

in recent years, Mayang county government has always focused on fostering the growth characteristics of the agricultural industry, increase the income of farmers this goal, from the supply side and the demand side of both ends of the force, "consumer goods" market docking, vigorously implement the "purification of varieties, optimize the quality, create brand" strategy, efforts to promote the reform of the supply side, do strong orange industry, arrange special funds 10 million county fiscal year, for citrus cultivar improvement subsidies, the county has completed the product change area of 30 thousand acres this year, will strive to complete the county’s 150 thousand acres varieties replacement in 5 years.

in accordance with the principle of local conditions, to promote the one village one product, one village one product project, is committed to the development of loquat, red kiwi, yellow peach, grape enriched characteristics such as small fruit, and built the Blue Cross in the village of La peach, Wenchang Ge Xiang se grape Hill, red kiwi, Tian Cun Gao Cun Zhen Feng Ye loquat community other industrial base.

is to promote agriculture through science and technology, Hunan Agricultural University, Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Mayang county hospital to carry out cooperation, vigorously implement the new technology of integrated pest control and prevention, promote the standardization of cultivation, hiring 60 technical instructors, the selection of 560 technology demonstration households, technical training for farmers, and actively carry out the "three one" the declaration and certification work.

is currently the county pollution-free agricultural products certification production base area of nearly 200 thousand acres, the Ministry of agriculture was awarded the "national green food raw materials (Orange) standardized production base", registered 7 green agricultural products, pollution-free agricultural products 18, cultivate 1 well-known trademarks, famous trademarks 9, geographical indications a certification mark 2, agricultural industry started a gilded signboard.

is the brand, promote the sales of fruit, citrus harvest festival, organized by the Mayang grape harvest festival, attended the fair way, actively promote agricultural industry of Mayang, develop domestic and overseas market, improve the visibility and reputation of agricultural products.

has also set up a fund net sales of agricultural products, promoting the development of rural electricity supplier, actively docking Alibaba, Taobao and other large web shop, in cooperation with the Mayang branch of the postal China, established the "u-le shopping business service center" county and township service station, with preferential prices and convenient logistics boost orange online sales, and on the self built shop, recommended

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