Agents must have a knack for Entrepreneurship

now, the agent of a brand of products is the choice of many entrepreneurs, the risk is relatively low. However, there are many entrepreneurs believe that the products is very simple, as long as the agent of the products come and then sell on the line, but it is not, in the choice of products, entrepreneurs to think about many questions: is ready to develop products as a long-term career, or only as a supplement to existing products. Or some other purpose? The purpose is not the same, in the venture capital, time, energy and mode of operation is not the same, these factors often directly affect the final fate of the project. Entrepreneurs in the agent products should pay attention to the following three questions.

1, do their own analysis of the situation

2, market analysis, to find suitable products and business model  

by the above data analysis, yellow managers think street pavement management is more flexible, goods than the rich, for the selection of more consumers, but manufacturers lack of guidance and support, either image or management has greatly improved space, shopping malls are opposite; if we can combine the two mutually. Learn from each other, it will be a very good.

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