Can you make money from a dry cleaner

in such an era of interest, if the investment can not make a business to make money, such a business naturally there is no way to attract people’s attention. So, if you want to start making money, you also need to choose business opportunities. So, how much does it cost to open a dry cleaning shop? Today, as long as the mention of small capital investment, then it is definitely a dry cleaners. Indeed, about 50 thousand yuan can open a dry cleaning shop, which also makes a lot of money shortage of investors to start a business trip.

people’s life is getting better and better, for the basic necessities of life is also rising, of course, clothing has become more expensive. The development of new fabrics also allows a lot of clothes can not be directly washed, can only be sent to the dry cleaners for professional treatment. So, in the future development of the market, with the life getting better and better, some people will have the need for dry cleaning, dry cleaners will become more lucrative profits. Choose to open a dry cleaning shop is also a very good choice.

it is understood that the cost of cleaning an ordinary laundry laundry costs about 1 yuan, while most of the charges are at about $15, which shows how lucrative profits. After investigation, many dry cleaners a year’s profit of up to about 400000, even some small dry cleaners can earn up to about 100000 a year. Need to know, the investment of a large dry cleaners cost only about 200 thousand, a year can earn about 400000, small shop in lower cost, 50 thousand yuan can be opened, but can earn about 100000, such high profits in other industries is incomparable.

many investors may be more surprised, the original investment in a dry cleaning shop can actually have such a big profit, such business opportunities, it is natural for investors to choose ah. Of course, not all dry cleaners can do so to make money, the key market has, and profits, but also need to see how we operate. Experience is a incommutable thing for investors, many investors in the apparent lack of experience, so will cause some differences, of course, for dry cleaners, dry cleaning technology is one of the reasons. In order to be able to solve these problems, to join a brand is also a good choice.

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