How to carry out the maintenance of products Open glasses stores

even selected famous brand glasses, even if the service in place, even if the true realization of the high quality and inexpensive products, however, because the products lead to improper maintenance, product quality can let the consumer satisfaction, all efforts can only be wasted. However, for those who do not have entrepreneurial experience, product maintenance work is not good. So, how to open the glasses store product maintenance?

below the glasses store product maintenance skills sharing.

skills: glasses placed precautions.

glasses stores, pick glasses must use both hands, gently, to avoid frame deformation; placed on the table must be lens convex upward, so as not to wear glasses, not the best in hard mirror box preservation; please don’t put the glasses on the heating furnace, high temperature region; not wearing glasses, sauna bath, high temperature can make the deformation and damage of optical properties of glasses, lenses.

skills two: to regularly check the glasses.

operating glasses stores, if the glasses screw loose, it should be handled in a timely manner to prevent the loss of screws. In order to play the correct function of the lens, the lens optical center to keep in place for your eyes. Please wear glasses in the correct position on the face, deformation, should be promptly corrected to the eye hospital.

tips three: metal glasses to keep clean.

glasses business franchise, glasses metal parts such as acid and alkali chemical solution avoid contamination, sweat or cosmetics, easy to cause the corrosion of metal surfaces. Cosmetics or eruption agent chemical composition of cosmetics, easy to make frames or lenses fade off film. Once stained, please clean it with a special mirror or tissue.

skills four: coated lens should be often wipe.

operating glasses stores, the use of coated lenses, more transparent and clear. It is precisely because of high definition lens, so easy to dirty, often wipe. Please do not contact with organic solvents, acid, alkaline substances and rigid objects, otherwise, vulnerable to damage the film, the impact of clarity. Sticky sand, dust or serious oil spill, it is best to wash with soap and water, then rinse, finally using special glasses cloth or paper.

tips five: wipe glasses with a soft cloth.

operating glasses stores, not the use of rough or surface excellent items, do not use a corner of the clothes wipe. Rinse with water, wipe with a soft cloth to clean the resin lens can be washed with water, and then wipe with fiber cloth. When the mirror cloth stained with greasy substances, can be cleaned with detergent.

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