The purchase of Beijing and the new deal the whole

2016 house prices rose across the country, so the major cities have appeared in the purchase of the policy, which is also the same for Beijing. Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, municipal planning and Land Committee, the city housing provident fund center, the municipal banking regulatory bureau, the people’s Bank of China business management jointly held a press conference, the Beijing property market regulation further upgrade.

family name in the city has 1 sets of housing, as well as in the city without housing or commercial housing loan records or provident fund housing loan records.

purchase ordinary housing from the first payment ratio of not less than 60%, the purchase of non ordinary housing from the first payment ratio of not less than 80%. Suspension of the loan period of 25 years (excluding more than 25 years) of individual housing loans. (including provident fund loans).

has more restrictions on the purchase of the policy, can give people more choices to win people’s attention. In Beijing just need a lot of users, hoping to buy their own house. Enterprises to purchase commodity housing listed transactions, the need for more than 3 years and above, if the object is an individual, in accordance with the city’s purchase of the policy implementation.

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