Alipay reputation double 12 Zhengzhou 650 thousand people using a mobile phone to fix all id


as a payment platform in life is that we often use, provides convenience for us to pay, this would give consumers great benefits in the double 12 period. In the past this Saturday, the first day is Alipay reputation double 12 (this year 12 events since December 10th to December 12th), 49 million people took to the streets, using a mobile phone to fix their own idle away in seeking pleasure. And a total of 650 thousand people in Zhengzhou to participate in the next line of consumer spending.

Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, more than 360 square, the most popular

online double 11, double under the line of the 12, one is online chop hand carnival, one is going out to eat and drink.

although it is winter, but many people do not stay in bed on Saturday, but early doors, supermarkets, shopping malls, ran into the dining room, watching movies, around the "pull out the wool". Who lives in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, Ms. Qian ran 3 supermarkets and shopping malls yesterday, one day down, the province nearly $200. She said that the use of mobile payment is not only convenient, enjoy more concessions.

According to Alipay’s reputation

statistics, in Zhengzhou, all day long trading peak at 12 points. Consumption is the most prosperous business district China World Trade Center 360. But if it comes to the most willing to spend money on food and drink, but also a tyrant Jinshui District, they are 18% higher than the average level of Zhengzhou.

many businesses are feeling, after the shop to choose a place, it seems to be the number of drugs. According to word of mouth revealed that now there are many chain catering brands have begun to try to use big data for the restaurant location.

Zhengzhou men can spend more money at home is the female white-collar workers

are those called love to buy buy buy consumers with "Prodigal girls", but this is not established in Zhengzhou. Data show that in Zhengzhou, the average cost of male users in the double 12 is higher than the female by 7%.

spend money to spend money, the real life is not money, but spend a little money to do big things. On behalf of the Zhengzhou female college students is that Alipay’s reputation data show that a group of the most love to use coupons are female white-collar workers, Zhengzhou every 4 coupons have 1 pieces of their use, and Zhengzhou gathered in the Central Plains area is chowhound, one week to the next 5 times out of 5 people 27 times higher than the area.

eat and eat, buy buy buy, that everyone likes to buy, what is the most like to eat? Data show that Zhengzhou people prefer to buy a supermarket is a single room temperature milk, followed by western style cakes and chips, chips.


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