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cleaning, to undertake, and strictly control new, announced the "two single", optimize the approval, strengthen supervision, exploration and innovation…… This year, the "seven links" as the starting point, focusing on efforts to build administrative approval at least, and the highest efficiency and innovation environment is one of the provinces optimal goal, careful deploy, strong forward, put the tube service reform has achieved positive results.

provincial level since 2013, has 8 provincial administrative examination and approval matters to focus on cleaning up, in 2016 a total of 1118 items of administrative examination and approval. 2014 ahead of a year to complete the task of reducing more than 1/3 of the reform, the abolition of the total number of decentralization and the end of 2013 to retain the provincial administrative examination and approval items compared to 731, the reduction rate of up to 64.4%. Up to now, the provincial departments to retain administrative examination and approval of 268, in the country belong to less, the least of the Northwest provinces. City and county levels, simultaneously carry out clean-up, at present, the city government to maintain an average of 100, compared with an average of 328 in 2014, a reduction of up to 69.5%.

at present, the State Council announced the cancellation and decentralization of administrative examination and approval in the province to implement all have been carried out in place. Strict control of new, administrative examination and approval matters, the provincial government on the abolition of the failure to declare and modify the normative documents relating to administrative examination and approval of the notice, the strict control of the new clear requirements. Two single released completed, since March 2015 officially launched a list of responsibilities and powers list announced, as of the first half of 2016, the provincial and municipal (state) level three, two county government departments list published work completed. Continue to optimize the approval process, at present, the provincial, 8 city (prefecture) level and 46 county-level administrative service center of all listed operation, and actively promote the standardization of services, constantly optimize the approval process, vigorously implement parallel approval, improve the province’s administrative service level.

at the same time, continue to strengthen supervision, the provincial level to strengthen the decentralization to the city (state) administrative examination and approval of the supervision and guidance, to ensure that the grassroots connected, well managed. Continuous exploration and innovation, in 2016, the province to carry out enterprise investment project approval authority in Golmud city from prior approval "to" post approval "," first built after the inspection "," wide into the strict control of the new approval mode and the relative centralized power of administrative licensing reform, for the province’s reform and explore the experience, create conditions.


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