Clean package for cadres to knock the alarm bell

in order to further strengthen the cadre’s diligent and honest consciousness, strengthen the cadre ability to perform their duties, Chengzhong District, innovation, advance and build a strong anti-corrosion wall, play a good shot, sounded a warning bell for the cadres, 5 "the package carefully distribution".

it is understood that the 5 "the package" are: send cheap books, organized the "breeze" — the literary works selected group, distributed free of charge to Party members and cadres in the hands of. Cheng Lian Connaught, the first half of the 29 new promotion, exchange office cadres and their spouses all honest conversation, signed the "undertaking" and the "clean family commitments", in tight cadres honest string at the same time, actively play the families of cadres supervision of cadres 8 hours reminder function. Billiam game plan in August in the region cadres held in the ancient and modern knowledge contest, to further promote clean government culture in the organs of rooting, flowering, results, also let the majority of Party members and cadres should establish a "clear vain man, clean things" independent consciousness. Blowing cheap wind, honest construction as an opportunity, through a variety of media, to promote the party’s anti-corruption policies and the latest trends of all cadres. On the low class, since this year, the district leaders through lectures, visiting anti-corruption education base and other forms, so that the majority of cadres by the profound spirit of education, the education and the education of honors and disgraces, constantly improve the ability to resist corruption. (author: Zhang Yongzhi)


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