2016 Fujian which A level scenic spots are disqualified

travel in life is a common thing, whether it is a big holiday or a small weekend, there is a demand for travel in the market, but some business is unreasonable, resulting in the abolition of eligibility. So, what are the 2016 A-level scenic spots in Fujian have been disqualified? Are: Fujian Xiamen trithorn Hotspring Resort Hotel, Xiamen Hotel, Xiamen wanchengda Hongdu Hotel, Xiamen City, Xiamen City, Yunhe Hotel and Zi Guang Yuan Hotel yi.

Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau recently released 2016 tourism brand "black list", a new evaluation of Putian City, Nanping City, Rui Yunshan Forest Park scenic Wuyi Xiangjiang Mingyuan A-level scenic spots, the provincial tourism resort and three-star tourism business units, a total of 305 home tourism factory, Xiamen City Haicang Bridge tourist area, Xiamen trithorn Hotspring a total of 30 A-level scenic resort and hotel was disqualified.

2016 cancel A-level scenic spots (6)

4A level scenic spots (1):

Haicang Bridge tourist area of Xiamen city

3A level scenic spots (5):

Moon Bay folk culture park three yuan


Fuzhou city emperor hole eco-tourism area, Fuzhou City, Changle Dong Feng Shan National Forest Park scenic area, Zhangzhou City, Ningde plain and mountain scenic spot in Gutian County, Sanming City City Cuiping Lake Scenic Spot

2016 cancel Starhotel Tourist Hotel (24)

five Starhotel Tourist Hotel (1):

Fujian Xiamen trithorn Hotspring Resort Hotel

four Starhotel Tourist Hotel (7):

Continental Hotel Shishi, Xiamen City, Quanzhou City, Nanan Hongdu Hotel, Jinjiang Hotel, large head Ming Ying Lin Huang stew hotel; Putian City, the Best Western Prudential Hotel, China Huayi (Fujian) hotel in Sanming, Shaxian County Guoan

Holiday Inn

Turist Hotel (15):

2016 Fujian what are the three-star Turist Hotel was disqualified? Through the above article, we can see that in the course of the operation must be appropriate and reasonable. Yijia Hotel, Xiamen city in Quanzhou City, Quanzhou City, World Hotel Jinjiang Weitou Bay Hotel, Longyan City, Longyan City, Shanghang The Sun Inn, Jin Ye Hotel, Sanming City Continental Hotel, Nanping City, Jiangle County, Hualong Wuyishan Yinhua Resort Hotel, Quanzhou Aqueen Hotel Lavender, Xiamen City, Ningde City, Fuding Yunhe Hotel Beijing Hotel, Tianfu Hotel, Fujian students Fuzhou Jinhui Hotel, Fuzhou City Luoyuan Bay Hotel recommended

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