Dan Ke went to Huangnan to carry forward the fine tradition of research in order to safeguard natio

May 17th to 18, the Provincial Standing Committee, United Front minister Dan Branch led the Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission, the Provincial Education Committee and other relevant departments responsible person in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture investigation inspection on the central and provincial United Front in a series of major decisions and arrangements of the implementation, and ethnic and religious intellectuals to carry out research work.

Dan branch line depth Tongren County Shuangpengxi Xixiang Shuangpengxi Nishimura yonten on the provincial cultural relics protection units group training master residence, and with the Huangnan State Party and intellectuals forum. Once the Department pointed out that the community especially minority intellectuals to scientific understanding and correct view of religion, dialectically treat dual religion, play its positive role, restrain its negative effect, and actively guide religions to adapt to socialist society. The monks and nuns as citizens, to the temple as a unit of local society, a profound understanding of why this problem and the management of the monastery monastic heritage; academic thought and spirit of patriotism and good celebrities, carry forward the good tradition in the new historical conditions to safeguard national unity and strengthen national unity, promote social progress contribution.

in the same region of yellow cadres forum, Dan Branch stressed, to a profound understanding of the essence of the central and provincial, the unity of thinking; to the "eight" activities as the starting point, effectively promote the advanced areas to create the work development; earnestly implement the three management modes, further strengthen the management of the Tibetan Buddhist temple; to strengthen the ideological and political work of the non-public economy, and further promote the work of non party people and intellectuals.


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