North 6000 acres of wasteland green

Shocking! Through comprehensive renovation in recent years, there are great changes have taken place in the mountain called Beishan, 6000 acres of barren hills greened, only in this year, the green area reached more than 2 thousand acres, making our city public green area per capita increase of 1.3 square meters, which is based on 8 years of green Nanshan on another to achieve the creation of Xining, another breakthrough. One has been transferred to the field of provincial leaders also issued a sigh: Xining municipal government did a very good job, people get O Mimegumi." All along, the provincial government of Xining greening work, especially for the north and South Mountain greening, urban and rural greening, North Mountain dangerous rock body comprehensive rectification work, given a high degree of concern. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining in recent years are very concerned about the Beishan rock remediation and greening, said happily in the understanding of the Beishan beautiful park construction, vigorously promote green work like this, after a few years, Xining will achieve the forest into the city, city forest landscape, people can think the daily leisure provide more green space, let the people enjoy more green fruits. Governor Hao Peng also made instructions, through the comprehensive management of perseverance, to turn into permanent green mountains, so that people enjoy more green. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun pointed out that, to enhance the overall risk of the northern mountain and Xiping expressway along the green landscape effect, so that the formation of a beautiful landscape through the city. In recent years, especially since last year, the city a lot of effort to move, completely changed the life and property safety in dangerous rock under tens of thousands of people, let these people completely get rid of the direct threat Beishan rock. [] list of reasons when we vigorously promote ecological civilization construction, the first area to create beautiful Xining; when our city, when the side of the mountain with a mettlesome and handsome bearing colorful; and the roadside, riverside, Tian Bian "four" green and beautiful; when the people of Xining’s sense of identity and sense of happiness and satisfaction and reputation and city the higher; when more and more foreigners envy Xining green, the beauty of Xining…… At this time, how can we not say: I’m proud of you, my Xining! Evening news search · sun 2014 highlights since the start, the most recommended by the public, the first night of the search is to highlight the bright spots: 2014 to bring the shock of the North Xining change beautiful garden. Today, this reporter will take you into the North Garden, feel the miracle. The immediate shock — 6000 acres of barren hills turned green interview time: October 24th, the scene shock of vehicles at the airport expressway (Xining section), the reporter again and again by the sight of all the shock, here as if overnight was covered with green trees, green and yellow knitted coat in the Beishan area and the airport expressway (Xining section) along the block, the full flavor of autumn. The rotation of the sprinkler irrigation on the north of the mountain makes people seem to be in the modern countryside. Airport Expressway (Xining section) along the water conservancy projects in advance, here has been laying 16020 meters of irrigation pipe network, large-scale planting without water. In a printing, pay in area, the reporter saw, once the dangerous and shabby workshop, the scene in shreds and patches;

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