North of the city focus on building a new urban leisure rural

is located in the suburbs north of the City District of Xining City, with agricultural facilities as the carrier, the strawberry fruit planting as a link, to build up the agricultural production and the combination of leisure and sightseeing platform, and gradually form a leisure agriculture for agricultural leading industry, and strive to create "new rural modern urban leisure and leisure district rural charm".

  during the Spring Festival, Eda, Qu Xiang Da Bao Zi Jin Jia Wan production base to provide 164 acres of picking strawberries for the market, the date of the reception picking tourists about 540 people, the daily harvest 4000 pounds of strawberry picking sales, price 20-40 yuan / kg, the average price of 28 yuan. Tourists not only experience the fun of the harvest, but also to meet the taste of the tongue, but also to achieve the purpose of leisure and entertainment, the release of pressure, greatly enriched the people’s daily life in urban and rural areas. (author: Ma Wen)

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