Carry forward the spirit of promoting a good 54

Carry forward the spirit of promoting a good 54Carry forward the spirit of advancing

54 chuangxianzhengyou

– Xining organizations at all levels to carry out the commemoration of the 90 anniversary of the founding of the party, the 54 Movement of 92

anniversary and the second session of the Youth Summer Carnival series of activities in two


to show the youth full of youthful spirit spirit, enrich the youth amateur life, strengthen the sense of Youth League organizations, to further enhance the cohesion, promote the development of the work of the Communist Youth League, recently, 92 anniversary of the Xining City organizations at various levels to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding and the "54" campaign as an opportunity to actively carry out various forms of youth theme the educational activities, vigorously carry forward the spirit of 54, the city’s Communist Youth League to further stimulate the enthusiasm and motivation to excel.

54 – inheritance spirit, inspirational accomplishment in 12th Five-Year. City Forestry Bureau Youth League to "54" as an opportunity to actively carry out a series of thematic education activities. is a with a review of the party’s revolutionary history theme educational activities, members of youth organizations to visit the national revolutionary education base — one of the Red Army xilujun Memorial, recalling the west route of Red Army in the revolutionary process of the hard times, the understanding of the party’s revolutionary history, arouse the youth firmly with Party walk the road of socialism China characteristics faith. two is held "inherit the 54 spirit, youth Jiangong 12th Five-Year" theme of the speech contest for youth inspirational content to youth organizations, further understanding of the May 4th Movement contains the spirit of the times and the contemporary youth social responsibility, to further encourage and inspire team member youth inherit the 54 patriotic spirit, played a good leading thought effect.

— promoting national unity, common prosperity and progress. Huangyuan County of Tibet Township Middle School Youth League actively promote national unity to create work, a clear responsibility, to strengthen national unity and progress of the leadership, will create the work in the work of education reform and development, conscientiously implement the national minority examinee recorded excellent policy to "policy advocacy in place, check verification in place, enthusiastic service in place, the implementation of the work do not place minority candidates a leakage points in minority candidates enrollment work, no one failed because of national preferential policies are not in place. Further consolidate and improve the results of national unity and progress to create activities to ensure that the work of national unity and progress unremittingly.

– cohesion youth service development. City District warehouse door street Work Committee convened streets, community all young people to carry out innovation in order to "clear responsibility, for the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding gift" as the theme of the party building work and the May 4th Movement forum, combined with the actual street community, to build the brand of Communist Youth League work and to enhance the vigor and vitality of the Communist Youth League and the exchange flow of Youth League members to discuss the strengthening of management and service. To strengthen the construction of cadre team members, strengthen grass-roots groups;

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