Chinese mother’s Day cited nearly ten thousand Chinese at home and abroad

In August 19th, "entered the home, the memory of the Chinese mother" as the theme of the second session of the Chinese mother and the fourth queen mother of King’s hometown ceremony, held in Huangyuan County in the ravine. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Bao Yizhi, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, the provincial women’s Federation Chairman Zhang Li and city leaders Gao Yumei, Jin Jiuchen, Zhang Ying, Fan Xingliang, from inside and outside the province, many academic celebrities attended the ceremony.

the ceremony by the Chinese folk association, the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, the Provincial Federation of women, China Association of women entrepreneurs. Worship ceremony ceremony presided over by Zhao Zongfu Dean of the Academy of Social Sciences in Qinghai Province, with the full relics of the original music, musical play "the song" opened the prelude activities.

Huangyuan county Party Secretary Cai Chengyong said in his speech, in recent years, with the joint efforts of provincial and municipal leaders concern, the relevant departments of the strong support and the community, Huangyuan county government to inherit and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, vigorously excavating and arranging the culture of Kunlun, has held the three session of the West Queen worship ceremony, to further deepen. Understanding of Kunlun culture and the ancestor of the Chinese nation and the queen mother of the west, provides an important carrier for us to inherit and carry forward the excellent Chinese historical culture, expand the Huangyuan cultural tourism integration development space, make Huangyuan a unique historical and cultural charm, rich connotation. The mother and her hometown to hold the ceremony for the mother, mother of King inherit and carry forward the tradition, enhance national cultural identity, promote the prosperity and development of the excellent Chinese historical culture, to promote the integration and development of cultural tourism in Huangyuan depth, has an important role to create a "cultural tourism County".

respect for the mother of the ceremony, the children of the province’s outstanding female representatives presented flowers. On the same day, the guests also visited the ancient folk culture.

it is reported that during the event, Huangyuan county will host the Chinese mother and queen culture lectures, Qinghai Province Women’s work exhibition, Qinghai province women hand exhibition of outstanding works, Dan Junggar rhyme flow folk concert, "Dan Junggar wind" folk costumes and folk crafts and local special snack fairs and other activities. At the same time, the provincial women’s Federation will also be combined with the mother culture, carry out the women’s work achievement exhibition, publicity of female dedication and selfless dedication, new achievements for building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai; the province show women Yongpangaofeng, public spirited, promote national unity and progress of the advanced performance. (author: Xiao Fang)


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