Never be provincial people experience 24 hours self service library

24 hours self-service bank, has become an indispensable part of the lives of ordinary people. The last day of 2013, in the public eagerly, "never closed the Provincial Library — 24 hours self-service library debut, attracted many people have early adopters.

self quest


24 hours self-service library, is an important part of the public cultural service system in Xining, is funded by the government to undertake the social welfare of $1 million 500 thousand. Set of high-tech technology in one of the self-help system, will help the public to complete the self-help bid for a library card, self borrowing, self inquiry, self-help books, self-help books library services.

according to the staff of Xining city library, the library in 24 hours self-service capital put into use for a total of 3, were set up in the provincial capital of the central square, summer cultural square, limeng commercial pedestrian street, there is a will be set up in the community.

in December 31, 2013, the central square in the official self service library, attracted a lot of people. The library is 4.2 meters long, height of 2.5 meters, width of 1.3 meters, by the book display cabinets, computer console and other components, operating principles similar to the bank’s ATM machine. 3 self-service library has been put into use, each pavilion books 420 volumes, six layers were placed in the cabinet below, each book with a number.

convenient and quick borrowing procedures

want to borrow books readers, first of all by virtue of the second generation ID card for the new card. With the help of the staff, a member of the public first ID card scanning in the sensing area, enter the mobile phone number, select the deposit amount (100 yuan), click "OK" button, a bayonet on the output of his library card. The whole process takes about a minute.

get a library card reader login, click on the screen "books" button, self induction card, readers choose "borrow" button and enter the book shelf where the number, click "lent" button, a book I will be sent to readers borrowing books. Each book can be free for 30 days.

process is also very simple, the staff said, click on the screen "books" button, click "machine induction card book", the book in the book exit will be able to complete the book. Borrowed books during the operation need to enter the library card password, follow the prompts, library card password is the ID number on the date of his birth from "19", such as identity card is "19810125", library card password is "810125". In addition to the book, the book in the normal range of damage, you can self help book; if the book is damaged seriously, the chip can not be identified, readers can contact with the Library Remote Monitoring Service Center staff after the book.

a small library card, in addition to borrow self-help machine in the paper books, but also with the card to log in Xining city library electronic reading room, retrieval of nearly 10 million reading museum;

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