Xining’s fifth Badminton Open is hot registration

sponsored by the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, Xining City Badminton Center hosted the "Yonex Cup" the fifth Xining Open Badminton Championships is hot application, various organizations, enterprises and institutions and amateur badminton enthusiasts can sign up for the competition.

this competition will be held from September 16th to 18 in Xining badminton center. The game is divided into mixed team and individual race, including men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles and men’s singles, women’s singles project. Mixed team tournament limited reported 8 people, each team can employ up to 2 foreign aid. In addition to participating in the team members of the project can be reported to the individual events in any single event, the rest of the athletes shall not concurrently.

this competition team registration fee for each team 500 yuan; single entry fee is $50 per person. Registration location: Xining badminton activity center (west side of the West Gate), registration Tel: 8587662, contact: Zhuang Xiaoqing.


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