Xining City the 5 construction waste disposal sites

citizens are eager to live in a clean air, beautiful environment of the city, and the city of Xining has been part of the destruction of the behavior of the environment under the cover of darkness. In September 23rd, a reporter from the Xining municipal supervision office was informed that, recently, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau jointly with relevant departments of the city’s construction site earthwork excavation is carried out on-site inspection, the sediment transport vehicles illegal removal of construction waste of the conduct of the comprehensive renovation, and the deployment of the next step.

September 23rd, reporters from the municipal supervision office was informed that since the evening news published "night on the road car crazy leakage" a paper in September 4th, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau in city urban administrative law enforcement inspectors brigade, north of the City District Law Enforcement Bureau law enforcement personnel, combined with comprehensive treatment of air pollution in the city group is the excavation of earth the site of the on-site inspection, the removal of construction waste muck truck illegal conduct a comprehensive renovation, according to the report mentioned in the muck car pollution, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau joint comprehensive control of air pollution group from September 6th to concentrate on the implementation of special inspection of the construction site. By day night patrol inspection, etc., has dealt with the West Ninghai Lake Wanda Investment Limited company, Wanda Plaza Project in Huangshui River Basin Comprehensive Management Committee of Xining section of water into the city project, Zhengzhou Construction Engineering Group Corporation Xining branch Police Academy of public rental housing construction projects, such as 8 South Gate to the stadium renovation project site illegal transportation, construction waste disposal behavior development. At the same time, the leakage area north of the city, the lake district is a serious additional law enforcement personnel to increase remediation efforts, night check, sealing, blocking, shutting down 4 on the site, without closed does not meet the requirements of more than 150 vehicles ordered outage, for 15 days of closed refit.


, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau also deployed the next step, to highlight key points, strengthen supervision, strict implementation of transportation record system of urban linkage, the formation of muck; ability; long-term management mechanism and improve the construction waste transport and disposal; strengthen supervision and promote the Xining city building garbage company operation, closed transportation vehicle. At the same time, the municipal law enforcement bureau has screened 5 Huanggou in the urban periphery, intends to set up construction waste disposal sites. Site report has been submitted to the municipal government, the municipal government to organize the relevant departments to view the scene, as soon as possible to comply with the conditions of approval, operation. (author: Zhang Qian

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