The west manages before reading is awesome

June 3rd, a reporter from the Xining City West District admissions learned that the entrance on the eve of the West District Zhaoban "before reading" clear, so many candidates to benefit.

. Before the "six reminder"

remind one: remember the exam time

In June 7th

9:00 to 11:30 15:00 17:00 to test language, math test; June 8th 9:00 to 11:30 / 15:00 to Cowen integrated science, 17:00 foreign language exam (including listening). Candidates must be in the examination of the test sites to be familiar with the calculation of the road used.

remind two: clear admission time and two time limit

as candidates to enter the test center, the examination room should have security, mathematics, paper (Science) subject to 40 minutes before the exam admission, Chinese and English subject to test 50 minutes ahead of admission, language, mathematics, paper (Science) comprehensive discipline into the termination of the test sites in 15 minutes after the examination; English subject ban into the test center after 14:45. All the subjects must be allowed in only 30 minutes before the end of the exam at the end of the examination; radio instructions to remind the candidates before 15 minutes.

remind three: admission candidates three prohibited

is strictly prohibited to carry a variety of wireless communication tools (such as mobile phones, pagers and other wireless reception, transmission equipment, etc.), electronic storage, memory and playback equipment, such as mobile phones into the test center. Forbidden to wear uniforms into the test site. Candidates are not allowed to wear a watch (in accordance with the provisions of the State Ministry of education, each examination room is equipped with a radio clock).

remind four: candidates admission three must

must carry a ticket, identity card ("ticket" after receiving, please check the ID number, if there is an error in the number of individual timely report to change.

must carefully read the "notice", and strictly according to the requirements of carrying supplies (exam examinee admission, in addition to 2B 0.5mm pencil, black writing pen, ruler, compass, triangle, eraser, outside) any other items not allowed into the examination room.

must carefully read the national Ministry of Education promulgated the "national regulations for the handling of violations", integrity should be tested.

remind five: candidates volume, card hand four note

1 check the answer card subjects and types, check the answer card both sides, whether there is a vague handwriting, the ranks of the skew or single-sided printing. Check the test subjects, counting paper pages, check whether there is a page missing page 2; check the bar code on the name, the seat number is consistent with the examinee; 3 in the first place shall answer card fill in their name, seat number, after the answer; 4 "three no answer card". No dirty, torn, wet, not to scribble, scribble, scribble, are not allowed to replace (do need to replace the answer card, to be approved by the test center examiners).

reminder six: accurate grasp of foreign language listening time and procedures


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