West to create boutique city night card

day before, in the second session of the city lighting lighting award construction awards ceremony held in Wuhan. Among them, the Xining West District Urban Management Bureau received the "urban lighting construction Award" three awards honorary title. This marks the city for the first time in the city, the national lighting lighting work award.

urban nightscape lighting is an important symbol of the level of urban modernization, it is a symbol of urban prosperity and economic strength. The reporter learned that, in order to strengthen the city landscape lighting, improve the function of the city, city night scene image, since 2014, the west area to build the Western wisdom light of reason for the design of positioning in the city has designed simple, natural, quiet, comfortable atmosphere, lighting lighting construction.

among them, this year, one of the lighting project is to create a sea food street image. In order to create a "elegant atmosphere," living environment, the west area of city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau after careful arrangement of the building every need of lighting, the delicacy Street Xing Hai Lu in harmony with the other Xining delicacy and complementary street uniform at the same time, the protection and utilization of the natural food trade activity the gradual increase of delicacy Street radiation range and influence, resulting in the formation of Xining city and Qinghai province and delicacy culture and city tourism name card.


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