The first Qinghai Linhai crossing chase kite ditch will be held in February 2nd

in January 24th 2013, the first Qinghai Linhai chase kite ditch through the activities held a press conference in Xining. The hiking activities will be held in Datong kite ditch in February 2nd, there will be more than 300 lovers walking in winter, feeling happy hiking linhai.

this event is sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, Datong County People’s government, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, Qinghai mountaineering Management Center Co hosted. In the beautiful landscape of Datong, "as the theme, in the entire 10 km hike through the forest, players can not only experience the happy winter forest on foot, and can enjoy the kite ditch natural oxygen bar in the beautiful scenery. The hike starting from the East gorge in Datong County of Zhenkang village, Linhai along the southeast across the road about 3 km from south to north, then walk nearly 3 kilometers, then to the northwest direction, through the back entrance area of Kangle village.

As an important part of the national fitness campaign, the

is an important measure to carry out the advantages of ecological resources, break through the bottleneck of winter sports tourism, and enrich the connotation of sports tourism culture. Activity is not only conducive to the healthy way of life close to nature, the advocacy of popular sports leisure, stimulate the winter fitness activities and boom, to show the great beauty of Qinghai, beautiful Xining, Datong County to enhance the visibility and influence also has a positive role in promoting.

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