Who will be responsible for the elevator accident

This week is the elevator safety awareness week, at present, the total number of elevators in the city with more than 7000 units, and the annual growth rate in the high speed of the elevator industry, can guarantee the safety of the people travel? Reporters from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, I will introduce the "Xining City elevator safety management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), to clear the main responsibility of the elevator, and the elevator maintenance unit shall at least every 15 days to lift a maintenance. In recent years, with the rapid growth of the elevator, the public is more and more focused on the use of elevator safety. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, at present, although I had not occurred elevator major accidents, but the elevator management but there are still many problems: such as the old residential elevator used in the process of aging, sometimes failure; new residential owners decoration, the decoration company don’t take care of the elevator, resulting in a new use the elevator and elevator damage; maintenance is not timely, not in place and other issues. According to reports, the measures clearly stipulates that the city, district (county) people’s government should strengthen the leadership of the elevator safety supervision and management, coordination and improvement of elevator safety supervision and management of major issues. City, district (county) special equipment supervision department is responsible for the elevator safety supervision and management within their respective administrative areas, and in conjunction with relevant departments to establish elevator safety management coordination mechanism. At the same time, for the use of the elevator unit is not clear, the main responsibility is not clear, the "measures" clearly stipulates that the use of elevator management responsibility unit is the first person responsible for the safety of elevators. The "measures" the introduction of elevator maintenance has also been clearly defined, responsible for elevator maintenance unit to the maintenance of the elevator safety performance, and should establish elevator maintenance records; elevator maintenance for every 15 days at least once maintenance; in accordance with the relevant technical specifications and safety standards, every 6 months of maintenance of the elevator for a self testing, and to use the elevator management responsibility units issued reports.  

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