Results show that the province’s cultural activities to promote the rule of law Youth Education

11 month 10 days, the Communist Youth League of Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial Commission for the prevention of juvenile delinquency special group office, provincial Juvenile Protection Committee Office, Qinghai Nationalities University jointly held the "youth and peer" 2016 Youth Legal Publicity theme educational activities review meeting, exhibition and exchange activities, and the Moot Court Competition, on the first Qinghai youth youth rewards prize essay, comic collection and the youth legal drama law match in the 25 winning group and 80 individuals.

this year, the provincial Party committee, province, province not do pre Qing Paul to deepen cooperation with the Qinghai National University School of law, focusing on the innovation of Youth Legal Publicity and education, the province above the third grade students, carry out "the study of law, respecting and abiding by the law, usage of" series of activities, essay, comics, collection stage and mock court performances in the majority of young people in the Communist Youth League organizations at all levels, to encourage young people to achieve interactive participation, adolescent self education, improve the young people’s legal awareness and legal quality.

summary of the meeting stressed the need to carry out in juvenile law publicity and education as comprehensively promote the rule of law in Qinghai construction, deepen peace is an important content of the construction of Qinghai, Youth Legal Publicity and education mode innovation, deepen the "youth and Youth Legal Publicity peer" brand series of activities, to build a province of young people to participate in the rule of law culture carrier in Qinghai the construction of the progressive realization of adolescent self publicity and education, to promote the province’s Youth Legal Publicity and education work normalization, effectively preventing and reducing juvenile crime and make a positive contribution to the construction of the rule of law, Qinghai.


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