Xining fans hate holiday too short

lying in bed is stewed, plus the mat is Teppanyaki, get out of bed after steamed out to the barbecue, swimming pool is boiled, fried was back on the road, but also back home." At present, the summer heat, some cities in the mainland like a stove, some users have to cold humor to cool. At the same time, a "let outsiders jealous of Xining: I 20 degrees the piece all over the network, cool Xining will become a national network of key words this summer.

cool climate people forget

this summer, in contrast to the continuous high temperature weather across the country, Xining’s unique cool climate has attracted the attention of many users, while allowing a lot of foreign tourists have come to Xining summer. Net friend Juan son from the hot Shanghai to Xining to cool, through the micro-blog issued a joke here cool climate, so that her fans envy. Bowen said: today, the country ushered in a new round of high temperature hot summer weather, the temperature over 40 degrees, Xining is only about 21 degrees! I’m sorry to say hello to my friends in Shanghai. In such a cool place, dinner can eat hot pot, sleep at night, do not need to blow air conditioning, but also cover the quilt." Netizen "sleepless night" in contrast to Xining here talk about the cool climate and hometown said: "this season, off the air conditioning fan is in a sauna, if the fan is closed, can be steamed faint. But in Xining, the big summer would like to steam a sauna but also to spend money to the beach, do not run a few steps do not want to sweat, so cool climate really make people forget!"

came to this travel hate holidays too short

someone says, "it’s hot, the wind is cool in Xining!" Only those who really get here can understand the true meaning of this sentence. Xining, the average temperature in summer is not more than 20 degrees, where the temperature difference between the morning and evening, the temperature changes quickly, so even in the morning and evening should also be prepared for a coat. Chongqing netizen "denier" said: "this for me from the stove area of people is hard to imagine, but it is also a very pleasant thing." Netizen "Lele said, is to travel to Xining, is the" hot summer, cool Xining Tour "advertising attracted almost on the network hot words, popular articles can see" Xining cool, so determined to come to feel. After coming to feel more cool than expected, hate holidays too short.



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