West District Xining City three people’s congress deputies suggestions pollution

west district population is relatively concentrated, transport hub is the city of Xining’s air pollution control in the four corners of the world, the task is arduous. In order to further promote the work of air pollution in the area to carry out the day before, the West District People’s Congress, organization of the provincial, municipal and district three people’s Congress on the west area of air pollution control work carried out inspections.


inspection team went to the original car six days, Han Jia Shu Yuan Mai company construction site, 109 State Road in pengjiavillage sections, on-site inspections of the coal gas renovation, construction site dust control, road cleaning work. The inspection team believes that the West District, the district government attaches great importance to air pollution control work, by taking effective measures, comprehensive remediation of the area of construction sites, demolition sites, processing enterprises, coal pile sites, road excavation sites, West District comprehensive management of air pollution has achieved initial results.

inspection team suggested that air pollution control is a system engineering, a careful analysis of the different causes of pollution sources to the west area, the establishment of effective control measures, the functional departments should work together to promote and ensure the regular and normalization measures. To strengthen key areas of governance at the same time, the attention to some governance such as dead, Beijiexiaoxiang garbage pollution, sooner or later the catering market small stove gas pollution, kitchen garbage everywhere with the pollution caused by automobile exhaust, as a key to control. For the construction enterprises, processing enterprises may cause air pollution, in the early stage of relevant links before the administrative license, and started business, to put forward the rigid requirements, the implementation of territorial management, and strengthen the supervision on these links, increase supervision, to ensure governance to achieve tangible results.  


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