Wang Guosheng chaired the provincial poverty alleviation and development work of the leading group m

9 14 morning, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial poverty alleviation and development work team leader Wang Guosheng chaired the provincial poverty alleviation and development work leading group meeting.

Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, the leading group leader Hao Peng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, deputy head of the leading group, attended the meeting, attended by the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (


The meeting heard

to promote the province’s poverty alleviation work report, examined and approved in principle the "Qinghai province poverty alleviation supervision inspection procedures", "Qinghai Provincial Department (industry) to get rid of poverty and poverty alleviation work responsibility assessment methods (Trial)", "Qinghai province (state) of poverty alleviation target responsibility assessment methods (Trial)", to study the deployment of strengthening the East-West cooperation, poverty alleviation and leadership of the province "theater" duzhan of poverty alleviation and other relevant issues.


meeting that this year, the province party committees at all levels of government to seriously implement the central poverty alleviation and development work conference, in accordance with the provincial deployment, as a positive, solid progress, work hard, do a lot of very fruitful work, and achieved initial results. At the same time, we should also clearly see that there are still some difficulties and outstanding problems in our province.

the meeting pointed out that at present, poverty alleviation and development has entered kenyinggutou crucial pulling village sprint. The whole province to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, especially important speech at the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress and the Qinghai delegation visited Qinghai, around the "concentrated poverty year, consolidate and improve the goal of four years, a good grasp of the relationship of ecological production and life interaction, grasp good performance, pragmatic, work oriented, guarantee a good grasp of the" three basic "building, a good grasp of the basic path of reform and innovation, to a more unified ideological consensus, take more effective measures, with more strong responsibility, focus on outstanding issues, to carry out precise policy, intensify and accelerate speed, to progress, to" break Kroraina eventually does not have firm determination and strong will to promote poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation, determined to win this Battle, ensure synchronization with the national Qinghai comprehensive well-off society.

the meeting stressed that to effectively supervise the work of the "theater". According to the overall deployment of the provincial leadership "theater" duzhan, formulating specific action plan, and promoting poverty alleviation. Provincial leading cadres should both in command and set off out of "warrior" spirit, and the responsibility to carry out the work, to ensure that every "theater" are solid and strong. To effectively grasp the good poverty alleviation relocation. In the premise of fully respecting the wishes of the masses under the "move together poor nest" and "for the poor sector, vigorously developing industries, guide the poor people to move out, innovation and entrepreneurship, to ensure stable, can become rich. To solve the poor areas such as water circuit network hardware facilities, improve education, health, culture and other public service facilities. We should conscientiously do a good job in coordinating the work of material poverty and spiritual poverty. First we should fully respect the poverty alleviation in finance, the main body status of the masses for the poor people to send warmth, ambition, give confidence, with advanced typical education around to guide poor people, enhance their confidence to make a fortune;

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