The fourth Qinghai Youth nnovation and entrepreneurship contest is about to start a war

With the development of entrepreneurial projects in the first instance, the fourth session of the Qinghai Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition "war" was lit, the contestants will launch a "flame" in the next 20 Yu Tian awards for entrepreneurship. Currently, the preliminary work is being carried out in an orderly manner, the results are expected to be announced in September 13th. The Qinghai Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition aroused the enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs in the province, the Organizing Committee received hundreds of outstanding projects from around the country. As of now, the primary screening of excellent project 59, including e-commerce, advertising design, agriculture and animal husbandry, biological science and technology, 3G communications, high-tech products and other projects, the screening of the preliminary work has been completed, the project entered the contest examination link, by the competition leading group and the expert review Committee of all screened entries according to the preliminary evaluation standard for evaluation. The expert review committee in strict accordance with the standard for evaluation contest requirements, the spirit of "openness, justice and fairness" principle, in accordance with the scores level order, selected 40 outstanding works of entrepreneurs to participate in the semi-finals, then, the "start on the road we walk along" column, Qinghai Committee of the Communist Youth League official website, WeChat will announce the finalists rematch project list synchronization. Reporters learned from the contest jury, contest score includes 9 main content. The feasibility of the product service mainly on the product or service, for this product mainly on the service user group is reasonable, which solve the problems of user, enter the time point is appropriate, accounted for 25% of the total; the team project mainly inspects the founding team integrity, complementarity, background and resource integration ability, accounts for 30% of the total score; the market and the competition project mainly on the market capacity, prospective, growth, project competition barriers, market strategy (plan) and the implementation of the implementation, accounts for 15% of the total score; business model project mainly inspects the business model design is reasonable and feasible, accounts for 15% of the total score; operation methods to investigate the operation state of the project project and current operating conditions, including financial data, user data, customers, accounts for 10% of the total score total score of other projects; 5%.  

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