Xining destroyed a business selling dens and seized a large number of infringing goods

the afternoon of March 15th, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau seized by detachment in the West District 54 West Road No. 41 platinum Xin tobacco supermarkets seized a large number of infringing goods, and destroyed a selling dens.

inspection, law enforcement officers after careful investigation, found a residential front parked a white van is very suspicious, after law enforcement officers found that the van and platinum Xin supermarket has many counterfeit tobacco "mutual aid" series of liquor and all kinds of counterfeit cigarettes. Law enforcement officers immediately seized fake "gift" eight workshop "god-given" 30 bottles of liquor, 1 bottles of liquor, eight workshops "Tiancheng" eight workshop 7 bottles of liquor, "4A" eight workshop 1 bottles of liquor, 7 bottles of liquor tianyoude brocade "," colorful "mutual aid" 10 bottles of liquor, safflower Lang "10 years of aging 4 bottles of liquor," Guo Jiao 1573 "2 bottles of liquor, 7 bottles of liquor" Jiannanchun "," the Yanghe River "7 days of blue wine bottles, involving more than 2.01 yuan. Seized fake soft "Chinese" 1 cigarettes, "furongwang" 2 cigarettes, "Su smoke," 10, "Yellow Crane Tower", "lucky Lanzhou cigarettes 2" 3 cigarettes, involving 2550 yuan. The total value of goods amounted to 2.2 yuan.

law enforcement personnel, because of "mutual aid" well-known brand gradually, in various types of infringement cases seized, "mutual aid" brand, "eight workshop" these local wine counterfeiting phenomenon more, therefore, consumers in the purchase of goods must see signs, it is best to buy in large shopping malls, supermarkets, while retaining the certificate of purchase.


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