The league tournament is about to open

Qinghai Lake bicycle league from Chengdu to the land of abundance Shanghai from Shanghai, Wuxi to the East Hawaii Jiangnan reputation of Xiamen to the cultural city of Guangzhou, after the five race, the finals will usher in the first league in July 2nd. The finals in front of the 20 elite will gather in Qinghai lake, the interpretation of a bicycle enthusiasts carnival.

reporter learned from the Organizing Committee of the lake, the competition is still divided into four groups: Men’s road group, men’s mountain group, women’s mountain group and the group of public riding. The men’s team in the finals of the League limit reported 150 people, men’s mountain group limited reported to 150 people, women’s mountain group limited reported to 150 people. After the Organizing Committee of the first 20 players in the tournament before the invitation, there have been nearly 200 players to participate in the determination. The men’s road race starting point set in Baifo temple, end point set in Wang Luobin square. The starting and ending points of the mountain group are all located in Wang Luobin square.

organizing committee staff, the finals of the average altitude of 3100 meters, the oxygen content in the air is relatively rare compared to the plain. And the men’s mountain group and the group of women in the mountains and the first few races of the station is different, both in the track smooth straight road, there are steep rugged mountain road.

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