Xining seven small urban construction to improve the living environment

this year, the West District of Xining to landscape construction, infrastructure transformation, livelihood projects as the starting point, through seven small urban construction projects focus on promoting the pace of construction of the best livable environment.

this year, West District completed area 36 bankrupt enterprises living area and the "three noes" comprehensive hospital building maintenance and renovation, renovation of roof 11 building more than 1 square meters, renovation of drainage pipe network 8 nearly 3 kilometers, road maintenance 17 8600 square meters; on the Northwest Village Park Road and drainage, street lights, sidewalks, sewage pipe network the transformation has completely changed the villagers sunny travel a gray, rainy night, black mud feet travel difficult situation; 6 million yuan investment in the sea, Lake Road, Kunlun Avenue, Tongren Road, the Yellow River Road, West Main Street, victory road, beautiful appearance, good quality of the installation of more than 4 meters of car guardrail; investment more than 200 yuan, the total construction area of 4320 square meters of cattle Long Xiang Road through the project, the Lane East the Yellow River Road, West Lane meteorological; investment of 1 million 500 thousand yuan, on the road two Lane Lane, building research The side of more than 1 square meters of solid wall were twelve animals, like the culture of blessing and family names for the content of the facade landscape transformation, 4 new beds, leisure stone chair at 8; for the government to the village hall in pengjiavillage section of more than 3 square meters of wall repair paint, the pavement Tong Village walk road 1537 square meters 154, a replacement for the broken door, planting cloves, elm and other trees 36 thousand; to start the implementation of 54 street, street style Xing Hai Lu area renovation project, completed by the end of November is expected to. (author: Xi Tao)


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