Rhyme ieguchi toll station congestion frequent concerted road traffic security

Recently, Pingxi Expressway rhyme ieguchi toll station for municipal road reconstruction are frequent congestion, in order to ensure the smooth road, October 17th, the Provincial Executive Council to coordinate provincial highway traffic police detachment, highway five traffic police brigade, rhyme ieguchi highway law enforcement brigade and other departments, once again deployed rhyme ieguchi toll station pat Paul chang.

the Provincial Executive Council requirements to ensure smooth work in doing pat at the same time, actively coordinate the Provincial Department of transportation road network emergency command center and emergency command and coordination play role, coordination of relevant departments of Xining City, to speed up the municipal road (huzhulu) the construction schedule, for the early days of completion, to provide a good traffic environment.

the Provincial Executive Council to remind the majority of passengers, urban sections during the reconstruction, Pingxi Expressway especially rhyme ieguchi toll station traffic is particularly large, please pay attention to the information of traffic information and road traffic conditions, from Bayi Road, South Ring Road and other roads to bypass or wrong peak travel, eastbound traffic can also choose from Xiakou toll station went together to smooth traffic environment.  

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