The labor inspection department of Xining City Chengdong District of 53 migrant workers grief

recently, in the mediation and supervision of labor supervision departments Chengdong District of Xining City, 53 migrant workers from Chongqing to Guangsha Chongqing first construction (Group) Co., Ltd. Qinghai branch Haodu Project Department of arrears of wages of 464210 yuan and 40 thousand yuan living expenses.

Xining City East District labor supervision department received the Xining municipal labor supervision office to do the case of migrant workers after the complaint, immediately organized the company in charge of Chongqing and migrant workers held a forum on behalf of the proposed solution. The Guangsha Chongqing first construction (Group) is mainly responsible for the developers Co. Ltd. Qinghai branch are the project department to properly solve the funding problems in the field of negotiation, in which 53 migrant workers get wages. After the mediation of labor supervision staff, the project department to raise funds, began to pay wages for migrant workers.


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