Xining airport intends to open international routes

March 4th reporter learned from the parties concerned, Xining airport is expected to open in May this year, South Korea, Hongkong and Taiwan routes. Passengers will go to these countries and regions will not have to transfer from different places.

it is understood that the province is actively coordinating tourism, aviation and other aspects of the opening of a number of international and domestic routes into the green, flying into the province’s tourism charter flights. Currently, has been identified from Xining to Guiyang flights to Sanya. In the summer, will be opened in Nanjing to Xining tourism charter flights increased over last year. In the middle of this year, has been preparing for the opening of the Xining to South Korea’s charter flights, charter flight lasted until October, a total of about 20 weeks, once a week. South Korea has recently sent to the green line, flight operations has entered a critical stage. At the same time, wait until after the completion of the transformation of the international transit Hall of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, China Eastern Airlines will open Xining – Xi’an – Hongkong route. Xining to Taiwan airlines to open the matter is in full swing negotiations, China Airlines has shown a strong interest in this route. (author: Zhao Linsong)

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