Xining Chengdong practice mass line will change the wind

learned from the East District, to turn the style of the letter, the transfer of wind, the district is to convene two sessions of the District issued a strict discipline transfer wind notice, with practical action to practice the party’s mass line.

eight are not allowed to turn into a specific style of action. This year the requirements and attend the eastern NPC and CPPCC Party cadres and staff should strictly abide by the discipline, conscientiously implement the provisions of honesty and self-discipline, obey the arrangement, do the following "eight prohibitions": no special circumstances will be allowed to leave, not to be late for early withdrawal, absence meeting. For special circumstances can not participate in the general secretary of the General Assembly should be asked to leave. It is allowed to visit condolences to the NPC deputies and CPPCC members name give gifts, coupons and other gifts,; are not allowed to accept any business or personal publicity products, souvenirs and local products, gifts, gifts, securities and commercial prepaid cards. Are not allowed to arrange the NPC deputies and CPPCC members and relevant staff to business entertainment consumption. It will be allowed to participate in the dinner or illegal enterprises. Shall not be allowed to smoke in the venue and other public places. We are not allowed to participate or disguised participation in gambling activities etc.. We are not allowed in the hall to "small", dozing, phone calls, random walk back and forth, the meeting has nothing to do with things. We are not allowed to have other acts in violation of the provisions of austerity, against waste. Delegates, members of the participants took a new look, combined with the mass line of educational activities for the economic and social development of the eastern region speak freely, suggestions, the meeting atmosphere than ever warm.

inspection group thorough investigation seriously. During the meeting, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, two office inspection chamber inspection team, to inspect the participants and to attend meetings of Party members and cadres of the attendance, attendance, to carry out a thorough investigation on the implementation of the discipline, supervise the process. Any violation of the provisions of the above, once verified, will be severely dealt with according to discipline.

transfer wind to promote the eastern thrifty do two sessions. It is understood that before the NPC and CPPCC are held, in the lease place this year, is held in the district government, and cancel the atmosphere of unnecessary arches, banners and other furnishings for the meeting, directly to the district finance to save more than 10 yuan.

on behalf of members of the low carbon travel day.

compared with previous years, this year the two sessions outside the venue to reduce the number of cars more than half. It turned out that many members choose to attend two sessions dedicated bus to the meeting, some people simply take a taxi, walking, crowded bus, not only environmentally friendly, but also more opportunities to contact with the grassroots.  


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