Relay perseverance and perseverance before the implementation of the north and South Mountain Green

March 27th, governor Hao Peng research work in Xining, North and south of the green and presided over the meeting. He stressed that to carry forward the spirit of a nail, strengthening do not get off the ground in my consciousness, a blueprint drawn in the end, the implementation of the South and North Mountain greening project persevere, make a positive contribution to the creation of the first area of ecological civilization.

stood at the top of the mountain, overlooking the Xining City, as many two north-south mountain green color. Along the steep mountain road, Hao Peng has come to the Linjiaya, pan Zi Shan, cable trench, salt yanggouwan and other areas of the relevant units of green area, walked into the forest, asked in detail about the infrastructure, tree structure, tree survival rate, difficulties and problems in the afforestation work in detail. After 25 years of unremitting efforts, Xining has formed a north-south mountain ecological barrier and the former barren hill and put on the green. In the face of lush grass, vibrant scene, Hao Peng said, the provincial government made a decision to deploy Green North and South Mountain, green vision, look far ahead from a high plane of 25 years of work; perseverance, success, promote the lively practice of North and South Mountain obvious to people; green, great significance and profound influence. We should cherish the hard won achievements, continue to maintain good style, carry forward the valuable experience, relay forward, and constantly promote afforestation work to a new level.


command in the afternoon held a meeting on the North-South mountain green, Hao Peng pointed out that the green mountains north and south, is an important part of our province to create ecological civilization first area, to create great beauty Qinghai upgrade, is a power in the interest of the great cause of the ages. On the north and South Mountain greening work, the provincial government’s determination and confidence will firmly, the policy and contract responsibility system unchanged for a long time, scribing leadership system and working mechanism of long-term change, while continuing to increase the construction of infrastructure and capital investment, continue to increase forest structure adjustment efforts, continue to increase the ecological and cultural tourism development.

Hao Peng stressed the need to promote the healthy development of green mountains and rivers, to deal with the three relations. One is deal with the relationship between tradition and innovation, based on inheriting both experience and practice, pay attention to stimulate afforestation work the vitality of the reform and innovation, to expand the scale, quality and efficiency of afforestation. The two is to deal with the overall promotion and the relationship between the key breakthrough, not only to be balanced, the overall grasp of the two mountain governance of large articles, but also focus on the front slope in Beishan and other key areas, the transformation forest structure optimization and other key areas, water conservancy construction and effective irrigation and other key links breakthrough. The three is to deal with the relationship between afforestation and ecological benefit, increase the landscape, cultural tourism and leisure fitness, site construction, stay green space and to the people, for the masses to provide better products, to create green ecological benefits.

Hao Peng stressed the need to further clarify the objectives of the responsibility to improve the greening effect, strengthen infrastructure, do a good job in the post management and protection, to create a good atmosphere, solid and effective completion of the annual work of the green mountains.

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