The eight grasping an antidote against the disease greet exams

This year the city’s focus is to fully implement the "construction of spiritual civilization of national civilized city evaluation system" and the Central Committee of civilization arrangement, and make up the evaluation index between the gap, to adhere to high standards and strict requirements, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate time out the remediation, and strive to get high marks in the evaluation indicators.

four grassroots work to create, to create a civilized community as the starting point, focus on community education, management and service work, make a city activities extended to the residents of building homes, families, grass-roots lay a solid foundation for building civilized city.

five catch the market order rectification, carry out business integrity demonstration, the integrity of the market, the market of civilization to create activities, vigorously to create a trustworthy glorious, shameful dishonesty "of the social environment, the formation of a good social atmosphere for everyone etiquette, all honest, honest labor, guide enterprise and individual credit management.

six grasp the social order and public security environment, maintain a high pressure situation crackdown, crack down on various illegal and criminal activities, to further improve the grass-roots public security prevention and control network, strengthen the basic work of public security at the grassroots level, to maintain social stability, improve people’s sense of security and satisfaction.

seven catch public participation, the city mobilization, launched a comprehensive, effectively improve public awareness of a city work rate, participation and satisfaction, make the process of creating the city has become the masses consciously practice, self education and self management.

eight grasping characteristics to create, in accordance with the municipal Party committee proposed to fill the gap to fill the hardware and software features of the request, in and carry out the work at the same time, also need to avoid weaknesses, play advantage, and strive to create a work of creating characteristics, skills, a bright spot, in the small loss, do not lose the basis for more points.  

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