Xining Municipal Bureau of quality supervision thorough investigation of various types of special eq

in order to ensure that during the Olympic Games in Xining city without any safety accident, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality supervision in recent rigorous investigation of the special equipment safety accidents, timely carry out a special inspection of liquefied gas equipment, park large recreation facilities safety, and conducted a number of field safety emergency drills.

it is reported that during the Olympic Games in our city to prevent safety accidents of special equipment, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau set up safety accident investigation group of liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas filling stations and other key units, parks, shopping malls and other key places, on pressure vessel, gas cylinders, large recreation facilities, elevator and other key equipment safety operation and management, risk management and the implementation of the emergency system construction carried out a comprehensive inspection. In Xining people’s Park, Beizhen liquefied gas filling station organized a large recreation facilities, accidents of LPG tanker tanks and emergency exercises, improve staff safety awareness and ability to respond effectively to emergencies.


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