ndustry and Commerce help small and micro enterprise development

This year, the city administration of industry and Commerce in the enterprise registration, and constantly optimize the service initiatives, starting from the details of the service of small and micro enterprises. This is a reporter from the city of industry and Commerce Bureau in November 29th was informed of the registration office.

it is reported that the municipal government in recent years for the development of Small and micro businesses attach great importance to this year, has issued a series of measures to support the development of small and micro enterprises in our city, as the administrative law enforcement departments, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau take "three for three" measures, help Small and micro businesses improve usage ability, promote the standardized operation in accordance with the law. Firstly, Small and micro businesses financing, financial companies are reluctant to loan problems related to small businesses, the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau organization of financial enterprises to seriously study the "equity management approach" registration; second is to help enterprises to tap the registration information, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, and actively provide the business sector to grasp the enterprise registration and credit information, for the two sides set up trust financing platform; again is to help enterprises to play a benefit to promote equity financing channels; strengthen, banks, small loan companies, financing Guarantee Corporation, with the communication and coordination of enterprise, to provide a service platform for the bank and docking. At present, the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau enterprise registration office matchmaking, by a bank guarantee, Xining microfinance Limited is a city originally in line with national industrial development support, with 2 million yuan loan but no financing guarantee the quality Small and micro businesses, to help the Small and micro businesses to complete the transition.


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