City Transportation Bureau to take effective measures to improve rural roads through the work safety

City Transportation Bureau attaches great importance to rural roads in winter unimpeded unimpeded, adhere to the construction Guanyang simultaneously, take effective measures to actively follow up; eliminate safety hazards, to ensure that the rural highway has been built in the construction project and the smooth pat, ensure the safe passage of vehicles in winter.

1, implementation. in cold weather this year winter, carried out a comprehensive investigation and security risks, clear key links and key parts, the implementation of construction Guanyang simultaneously, put the responsibility respectively into every county is in charge of the Department, supervision and construction units each and every resident representative, the task assigned to each country one by one the road has been built in the construction project and do well in rural highway unimpeded unimpeded in winter.

2, strengthen inspection. Personnel organization of bureau of traffic of highway of City, on Saturday and Sunday, insist on the check, safety barriers and key security risks exist, check processing tube highway project on the icy road, roadbed subsidence, landslide, culverts and other affected traffic, promptly notify all construction units for processing. The relevant departments of the County Council in accordance with the unified requirements of the City Council, respectively, to arrange the inspection, give full play to the role of highway maintenance team, to eliminate the problems and pitfalls found in time to ensure that rural roads during the winter unimpeded.

3, implementation tracking. Municipal Bureau of transportation organization, the security situation in the city all through the rural roads to conduct a comprehensive understanding and grasp, asked the county departments reporting area highways as soon as possible, if there are problems in a timely manner. At the same time, the representative of each in charge of project investigation, keep contact with the construction units, to adhere to the winter unimpeded unimpeded, do the information reported to work.


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