North 144 old district to the new housekeeper

in order to break the old residential area of service management problems, improve the living standards of the masses of the old families courtyard, last year the north area of relentless efforts, full coverage in the area of 144 old residential quarters, 22547 residents of the full realization of property services.

it is understood that since the old residential area north of the city zone base, the number of bankrupt enterprises old families courtyard, residential infrastructure lag, property management in the "low level, wide coverage" stage. To this end, the construction of the North District, street (town), three community management, the network of the two assessment, and gradually the old hospital property management to the community, market-oriented, standardized property services.

only in 2013, 21 of the existence of the lack of community property services set up a property service station, the city of two yuan of financial subsidies for each station of all funds issued in place 100 thousand. The new century, the construction of 19 Lane community founded the non-profit community property service center; Qilian Road West, Beichuan East Road community community to set up the market-oriented operation of the property services company, the implementation of the "low standard and low and moderate income subsidy" property services. In addition, the special conditions, the ability to achieve property services, mining mountains and family member courtyard jiazhuyuan 17 old residential district, North District Environmental Hygiene management practice in batches, by the district government investment funds, improved sanitation infrastructure, in accordance with the 1 standard cleaning staff every 100 households, 40 new cleaning staff, responsible for daily cleaning and other residential property services.


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