During the festival this year Xining main street environment clean

February 9th, according to the special assessment results of Xining urban management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau show that during the festival this year, the main street of Xining city environment is neat, the main street did not appear dead garbage and outdoor management. The quality of environmental sanitation maintained a good level.

During the

Festival, the city is not only a large flow of people, activities, garbage is also large. It is reported that the festival these days, Xining Nissan nearly one thousand and five hundred tons of garbage. To this end, the city urban management department and the life, the kitchen garbage disposal units to take timely and effective measures taken to extend the cleaning time, increase the number of garbage removal and timely disposal of life (food) garbage and other measures to enable the blocks to keep clean and timely disposal of garbage Nissan nissin. City, district urban management departments to strictly implement the festival duty system, set up a special inspection team to carry out the festival, uninterrupted appearance inspection, timely correct and stop the flow lane, sell goods, burning paper money Mingbi illegal behavior in the streets at random, to ensure the city appearance tidy during the festival. According to the sanitation department to reflect, through activities conducted last year by the news, this year the citizens to protect the environment awareness and consciousness is greatly enhanced, reducing the pressure of environmental sanitation.


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