mproved air the public report meritorious

found that incineration of garbage caused by pollution, report!

found construction site dust pollution, report!

see fumes cause pollution, report!


in the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining action, the public to pay attention to environmental protection as their own responsibility, and actively participate in air pollution reporting activities, for the sake of the beautiful Xining.

in recent years, Xining city and the country, the air pollution caused by many factors, not only affects the city’s environmental health and air quality, but also to some extent affected the people’s work, study and life. People look forward to the government and the relevant departments under great efforts to control air pollution, look forward to see the blue sky of Xining, breathe fresh air. The day that the people think of is coming.

recently, Xining to carry out comprehensive management of air pollution action, the punch, the real thing, to take effective measures, the results were significant. In the Ministry of environmental protection has just announced the 74 urban air quality conditions in the air quality ranking, the Xining air quality ranked the first place, ranking up last month, an increase of 55.

air has improved! It is gratifying, comforting thing. Among them, our government has contributed, our relevant departments and units due diligence…… It is gratifying that this also includes the attention and participation of the public. Because the governance of air pollution is not just a matter of government, but the whole society thing, it is every citizen of our children. Ms. Ma, Mr. Zhang, Ms. Zhao, Mr. Lee, there are many people who did not leave their names…… They are one of the citizens of our city, to participate in the supervision of air pollution is one of their love, attention to the performance of our city. In the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining city to carry out the action in public, positive action, one report affect air quality, there harm the health of the masses of the site dust pollution, garbage incineration pollution, smoke pollution and other pollution, for the action of the rocker arm support. Every day, many enthusiastic people in our city that North and south, as long as I see or find the excavation of the road dust, construction sites let people see the road dust, muck cars on the road at night wanton dust, odor, and enterprise emissions restaurant is stifling smoke wafting smell taste and so on, will let them filled with righteous indignation. They can not see, and can not be static, and can not sit still. They want to exercise the rights of the people and do their duty! Every day, the Xining evening news and environmental protection departments will receive a call from enthusiastic people call. These reports to a certain extent, to promote the process of comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining.

we are proud and proud of the people around us. It is hoped that more and more people, like them, will do their duty in the construction and development of our city. Because we are concerned about the city, is to care about you and me, it is related to each of us;

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