n 2014 the first employment rate in our province reached 90 65% higher than the national average

May 25th, the Provincial Department of Education issued a white paper on employment of college graduates: in 2014 the first employment rate of college graduates in China reached 90.65%, an increase of 3.45 percentage points higher than in 2013.

to the majority of graduates in employment in recent years, our province has successively promulgated and implemented a number of preferential measures to encourage enterprises to absorb college graduates, timely deliver jobs and social security subsidies reward policy. Science and technology Small and micro businesses to recruit graduates of a certain proportion, can apply for a maximum of not more than 2 million yuan of small loans, can enjoy financial discount; college graduates to below the county and six states engaged in professional and technical work, to declare the appropriate title, exemption of foreign language titles; the implementation of college-graduate village official, three of a help, agricultural technology the special post plan, teachers in the evaluation of professional titles and calculate the length of service and other preferential policies; organize implementation oriented college graduates organs of civil servants and institutions recruitment examination, various preferential policies and make graduates enlisted; the implementation of leading business plan, the formulation and implementation of "enterprise leading students plan work programme", to provide the employment service, the implementation of policies to support entrepreneurship, to ensure that qualified college graduates can get entrepreneurship training, business registration, Financing services, tax incentives, site support and other services and policies. In addition, in terms of entrepreneurship support policies, broaden the way college graduates to establish corporate investment, the implementation of industrial and commercial registration system reform measures, the reduction of administrative license fees.

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