Chase 23 villages to throw poverty hat

This year, chase determined in 9 villages and towns in the implementation of the entire village of poor villages to promote the project to support poor households, 4517, the poor population of 18054 people, the whole village to promote the project total investment of $125 million 920 thousand yuan. It is reported that the county in order to basically eliminate the phenomenon of absolute poverty and narrow the development gap as the goal, adhere to local conditions, highlighting the characteristics of industry driven, focus on the principle of. This year will be the lawsons Castle Township Village, the village of Nie Jia Gou Cun, Guan, Xin Zhuang Zhen Shen Wacun, Chengguan Town, village, West Village, Simon Willow Village, a village, pull down the Jile Gila village, wool and Qing Lin Xiang Wan Village, on the Yangshan, mahah village, a village of Huang Zhaizhen. Liang Jiao Xiang Mei Dong Gou Cun 23 impoverished village into the whole village to promote the implementation of the project this year, plans by planting seedlings, planting, crop planting, angelica centralized purchasing, centralized breeding, shops investment dividends and other projects, to help the villagers out of poverty. Up to now, the project village, project households, production projects have been identified, the preparation of the implementation plan. For seedling cultivation, planting, crop planting project on Angelica seasonally strong, Shijiazhuang Village town of Tal seedling planting project, Chengguan town of willow village of Angelica planting project, Castle Township lawsons village, Niejiagou village, and the village of Guan Xi Guan Cun village, Chengguan Town, Simon crops in planting projects have been implemented for other projects after the implementation of the project approval issued.  

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