Give full play to the role of think tanks

In August 12th, the seventh member congress of Qinghai law society was held in Xining. The General Assembly examined and approved the work report of the sixth session of the Qinghai law society, elected the new provincial Law Society Council, Executive Council, President, honorary president and vice president. Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, vice president of the China law society, vice chairman of the provincial Party committee, political and Law Committee Secretary Zhang attended and spoke on behalf of the Secretary Zhang Wenxian. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ji Renfeng, the Provincial Higher People’s court president Dong Kaijun, the provincial people’s Procuratorate Wang Xiaoyong, Qinghai Armed Police Corps commander Yang Xiong, the provincial law society Sixth Council Chairman Liu Xiao attended.

will further do a good job of Qinghai law, Wang Jianjun stressed that to adhere to the correct direction, play the leading role, better to assume a prosperous legal research service practice of the rule of law, strengthen legal advocacy and legal training responsibilities and mission; we should focus on grasping the general direction of reform, comply with the development trend and maintain stability the environment, play a good role of "the overall situation, the service work of grassroots services, service the majority of legal practitioners of law, provide legal support for the development of various undertakings in our province, the rule of law to provide intellectual support for the party committees and governments at all levels of decision-making; to carry forward the fine style of study, and vigorously promote the law society authority scientific, standardized and institutionalized construction pace, constantly enhance the law society’s appeal, influence and cohesion; to strengthen and improve the Party Committee on the law society and law research. For the leadership of the implementation of relevant policies and funding, the initiative to the legal institutions to pay the task, the burden, give full play to the role of its think tanks, think tanks.

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